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good morning we come back again for sharing new premium ssh 25 oktober 2014 super rapid data access secure shell tunneling VPS premium server singapura, and jepang or indonesia hosted. oke here will upgrade new server hosting akun ssh 26 oktober 2014 unlimited data access sg gs or password txt support udp

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Changing PHP4 to PHP5 in Cpanel, There is one web hosting server is installed by default BOC macros using PHP version 4 and supports PHP version 5. We continue to accommodate the use of PHP version 4 due to some customer websites are still using PHP 4. If you are programming scripts require work PHP 5 environment, then it can be activated via Cpanel.
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    Do not destroy the VPS, this is not a trial VPS. No Re-Upload. Free Premium SSH Gratis Setiap Hari Full Speed
    Dropbear Port : 443 or 80 and OpenSSH Port : 109 and 143
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