(SSH Gratis 31 Oktober 2014) Singapura- Hosting Server SG GS

(free akun ssh 31 oktober 2014 sg gs txt password- fast ssh 1 November 2014 from asia and america server) that hosting fast access internet data trasfer and unmetered data transfer dedicated server VPS or VDS super faster. akun ssh rapid? how make ssh 31 oktober 2014? faster private network server dedicated server premium daily ssh gratis 1 November 2014.
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TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is a protocol commonly used in the world of the Internet, since TCP has the advantage that the correction of errors. By using the TCP protocol, the delivery process will be guaranteed by the section to a method called flow control.
UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is another common protocol used in the Internet world and is connectionless. UDP is never used to send important data such as web pages, information databases, and so on. But UDP is typically used for streaming audio and video, as UDP has the advantage that the transfer speed. UDP is faster than TCP because UDP protocol there is no form of flow control and error correction.

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