SSH Super 1 November 2014- New Server United States USA

(begin to update super ssh very fast ssh 1 November 2014). also more best rapid server ssh gratis, and more hosted VPS ssh account/akun 2 November 2014. this is ssh gratis 1 november, 2014 pure unmetered bandwithd non limited access data server premium free ssh 2 november 2014 power speed transfer data. from country united states (america) and from singapura (asean) squid newinject ssh
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Here are further characteristics of the UDP protocol. Connectionless, meaning there is no handshaking activity antaraa UDP and current recipients will be sending the data so that the data is sent over the network and reach to the destination computer without making a direct connection. This is risky because the data is sent can be lost. Unreliable, that is messages sent using this protocol will be sent as datagrams without any serial number or message ACK acknowledgment. This causes the messages received at the destination may be received in a state that is not sequential so the protocol that runs on top of it (the application layer) berpean important in restoring the messages.

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