New SSH Gratis: (2 November 2014) Premium Host America

about new ssh today date 2 november 2014 so very working, with testing by me full quota data space from tunneling Virtual private server or VPS, runing and work fast internet ssh 3 november 2014. this more sapce data around ssh server united states, japan, russia, and malaysia. nice akun ssh limited 2 november, 2014 today and next day account squid ssh (3 November 2014 akun).
ssh terbaru

TCP is a transport layer protocol that is most commonly used on the Internet. The following characteristics:
Full duplex data In this protocol allows for bi-directional data flow in same connectionConnection-oriented. In TCP, when a sender will send data to the receiver will occur prior handshaking process between the two. It is intended for synchronization of sequence numbers and acknowledgment numbers being sent to both parties and to exchange TCP window size. Flow Control. With the flow control, the flow of data sent will always be controlled so that the sender will not be overwhelmed when making the receiver receives the data that is transmitted.

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