Free SSH 10 November 2014: Gratis Premium United States

(update quick fast SSH) before sharing ssh gratis 10 november 2014, we will explain about ssh premium and very fast and many inject for access internet with putty ssh akun 11 november 2014 unlimited from hosted japanese, new york, california and many data center ssh 10, november 2014. and more ssh from singapore 11, november 2014.
ssh 10 november 2014
Basic Concepts of computer network is a series of integrated systems of several sub-systems, namely basic and Communication Systems communication protocol forming a channel-related and support each other

The communication system is a combination of multiple systems built from the transmission signal, termed the carrier signal or carrier, as well as the communication protocol. Transmission signals can be analog or digital berbebentuk requiring media as a successor to the signal (carrier), can be a cable, radio waves (RF), light, etc. To be able to submit data communication systems also require
rule (rule / protocol).
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