SSH Improve – 7 September 2014 ( Original SSH Gratis ) Power SG

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To have a domain name, we can use a website that provides domain name registration services. Domain registration is done every year, once a year we have to pay the registration fee if we want to continue to have and use. If we do not renew the registration for the following year, then after our domain expired (expired), the domain we will be open again to the public so that other people can have and use it.

Choosing a domain name should choose simple and easy to remember and represent the content and purpose of the website that we created in order to facilitate others to remember, it is also very influential on the search engines. When we use the long domain name, try to use words that are easy to read, so they can avoid typing errors later.
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In addition to domain names, you also need to know web hosting. Web hosting is a place that is used to store the website files that are connected to the Internet network. In order for your website can be accessed via the internet, then the files you need to keep your website on a web hosting, you need to buy a hosting package, the price of a hosting package vary, depending on the facilities provided. We can buy a hosting package abroad

SSH and Fast Speed Server:
Tambah dan  banaykin server ssh untuk pengguna sshaganer
Dropbear Port : 443 or 80 and OpenSSH Port : 109 and 143

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